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The Saturn PCB Toolkit is the best freeware resource for PCB related calculations you can find.
It incorporates many features that PCB designers and engineers are in regular need of like current capacity of a PCB trace, via current, differential pairs and much more.

Board Viewer allows users to share and review native design information to enhance communication during product development. Board Viewer supports native design data from the following:

  • CR-5000 Board Designer (.pcb, .pnl), Footprint data (.ftp)
  • CR-8000 Design Force (.dsgn)
  • Component Editor (.ftp)
  • CR-8000 DFM Center (.fpr)
  • CR-8000 DFM Elements (.mdgn)

PCB Browser (for Board Station RE/XE and Xpedition PCB):

View PCB databases in a read only mode
Search and review properties on components and nets
Pan, zoom and view multiple windows
User definable display control in each window
Print WYSIWYG from each window

Design Capture Browser:

The Design Capture Browser allows you to view and print schematics, state diagrams, flow charts and truth tables created with Design Capture or DesignView schematic capture and requires no licensing.

  • View Design Capture files in a read only mode
  • Pan, zoom and view multiple windows
  • Print WYSIWYG from each window